Roti Rollup

Ok, ok, ok, so it’s not a traditional Indian dish, but it’s a great way to use leftovers OR just to change things up a little.  We often get left with a little bit of curry – not enough for four full meals, but enough to make a Roti Rollup.  It’s far better to use traditional Rotis or Chapatis, but I have just gone with a soft flour tortilla to make things simple.



Fresh salad vegetables, sliced
Some leftover curry (reasonably dry) – I’ve used some channa masala
4 Rotis or flour tortillas
Plain yoghurt & some mint sauce (to make a raita style dressing)


Mix 1 tablespoon of mint sauce in with some natural yoghurt and stir to combine


Shove in as much as you can onto your Roti (making it all lie vertically is best) and top with some of your youghurt dressing


Either wrap it up tightly or leave it open, like a soft shell taco. Enjoy!