So, a few people have been asking about my photos.  I’m an avid-amateur, at best.  I like to express myself and my surroundings through my photography.  I got in to photography to aid my cultural ethnography research – I felt I couldn’t capture the colours and vibrancy of my research sites with a point & shoot camera and I definitely couldn’t do it with words.

Camera Setup

All of my food photos (so far) have been taken with a Canon 550D with a 50mm 1.8 II USM lens – essentially, it’s one of the cheapest setups possible with a DSLR.  Photography is not about how great your gear is, but how good your eye is. It takes practice and patience, but you get there 🙂

My camera is generally set up to take photos that are slightly overexposed at f/2.8 – get in low (about or less than a 45 degree angle) and get the colours strong.  I adjust my flash (usually bouncing off my ceiling) to get the lighting I need.  If I’m doing an action shot, then I’ll use an external flash to catch the movement in high speed.  Keep playing and ask me any questions you’d like!

Other Photos

I take a bunch of photos – here are a few of my current favourites.

Brisbane wheel at night



Christchurch sunrise in winter


A disused blacksmiths’ shop I stumbled across while exploring Banks’ Peninsular – the owner was too old to use it, so he left it as a museum piece – despite it looking like the setting of a horror movie, he was lovely!

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