Some new recipes!

I’ve been slack and not put anything up for a couple of weeks – unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel a few weeks ago and I’ve had to restrict a lot of activity – cooking & photography had to go to the wayside while I rested my chopping/shooting hand! But I’ve broken my recipe fast and put up 3 much requested recipes – Firstly, my take on a chicken biryani for those special occasions and when you have to cook for a large crowd – secondly, for a lazy afternoon when you want some warming, comfort food, try some vegetable pakora – India’s take on tempura vegetables – and finally, if the carbs in bread aren’t bad enough for your health, try deep frying it and making poori – great for a celebration – when my wife and I had our wedding reception in India, we must have had thousands served to the guests!

Again, sorry for the radio silence, but hope you enjoy the new recipes!