Mango Lassi (by Micaiah, my 5 year old daughter)

Everyone in the house cooks, even my 5 year old daughter, Micaiah.  Here she is making Mango Lassi – a simple but very refreshing drink.



1 cup of milk
2 cups of plain, unsweetened yoghurt
2 cups of mango (we’re using canned mango slices, as mango isn’t in season – it’s a bit sweeter than normal mango, so take that into account)
Sugar (if needed)
Salt (optional)
Green cardamom (optional)


Put your mango into a blender


Add in milk and yoghurt.  You want your yoghurt to be the same volume as your mango and your milk to be half the volume of your mango.  This will give you the balance of the mango flavour, tart yoghurt, and silky texture (rather than being too thick and clumpy!)


Blend at high speed till a smooth texture.  Add in a couple of ice cubes, if you want, to give it more of a sorbet texture.


Taste to check for sweetness – add in some sugar if it’s not sweet enough (or mango syrup, if using canned mango – don’t put too much in – it’s meant to be a little tart).  Try your best to only taste it a little – not like my little chef here who insisted on having about 4 spoonfuls to be completely sure!


If you want a spiced drink, then crush some green cardamom seeds – bash the cardamoms in a mortar and pestle, remove the shells, and grind the black seeds to a fine grain.


Serve either sweet or spiced.  My wife likes hers sweet, but with extra yoghurt, so I lined her glass with plain yoghurt before pouring in the lassi. I like mine with the contrast of saltiness and sweetness, so I sprinkled mine with cardamom and a few grinds from the salt mill.  Either way, it’s an amazingly simply drink.


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