Guest Posts! Tahari (by my mum) and Mango Lassi (by my daughter)

I’ve been a bit slack – there’s lots going on at work and we’ve been thinking of buying a house, so that added stress isn’t exactly welcome.  Wish us luck! I’m a little behind with my recipes, but here are a couple of recipes from talented family members.  Firstly, my parents came to visit and I asked my mum to do a recipe – she chose Tahari – a cheap but very flavourful vegetable and rice dish – it looks complicated, but can be really easy (and good for serving large numbers).  Secondly, my 5 year old wanted in on this interweb fame her dad’s building, so she made mango lassi – an amazingly refreshing drink that’s really popular in India (I think she actually just wanted some lassi and this was a good excuse).

Whichever you choose to make, I hope you enjoy them!