Am I a vegetarian?


No…dear god, no…I love meat in all forms – I love the flavours and the richness that meat brings to my food and, for the most part, I can’t find similar flavours and punch in most Western vegetarian dishes.  They seem to be boringly bland – almost every vegetarian dish I’ve seen at a Western restaurant could be improved with a bit of bacon – in which case, it’s a poor vegetarian dish, in my mind.  I feel sorry for my vegetarian friends who are faced with the same optio

ns at every restaurant of having a risotto, rosti stack or some form of ratatouille mix – sometimes, for a similar price as the steak.  However, I could happily be a vegetarian in India.

Indians know how to make vegetables flavoursome and they know how to make vegetables filling.

So, you’ll see a lot of vegetable dishes on this blog – it’s not because I’m a vegetarian – far from it – but these are definitely vegetable dishes that I can enjoy.  Until someone brings me a plate of ribs…in which case, keep your chana masala…