About me

Hi – I’m Ekant Veer – by day I’m an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand – by night, I like to cook.  Actually, I LOVE to cook. And I don’t mean microwave meals, I mean cooking from scratch.  Why? Because I find it therapeutic but I also find it important for my and my family’s health.  This blog is dedicated to my curries and other Indian foods that I learnt mostly from my amazing mum (doesn’t every Indian learn from their mum?)

What’s the Blog Name All About?

My name is Ekant.  All through my life people have called me “I Can’t” so I thought it’d be a cheesy play on words – it’s both “Ekant, Cook Curry!” and “I Can’t Cook Curry” to help those who want to learn how to cook Indian food but area a little afraid of getting started.

Why don’t you use pastes & packets?

To be honest, I do, from time to time (the best, in my mind, is the Patak’s range).  BUT, I also think it’s important that we know how to cook from scratch – why, you ask? Well, from my perspective, all the luxuries in our life have been created to make things quicker because we value time so much. The problem is, in saving time by using ready made microwavable meals we are slowly killing ourselves with preservatives, sodium intake and numerous other ingredients that don’t need to be there – all this is shortening our lives.  So, in saving time with our cooking, we end up losing time at the end of our lives.  An extra half an hour every day can mean extra years at the end of our time. No one deserves to die just because he/she wanted to save time.  Take time and savour what you’ve got. Enjoy it. It’s precious. Don’t take it for granted.

What’s with Using Photos?

Pick up an Indian cookbook – what do you see? A list of ingredients that takes up most of the page – it’s daunting – it’s the sort of thing that puts people off straight away.  I’ve tried to create a way of explaining Indian cooking with simple pictures and short instructions.  There’s still an ingredients list you can copy and print off, but in general, this is your chance to walk through the steps with my photos.  I haven’t done any videos because if you’re anything like me, I skip through most video recipes and end up missing vital information – with photos, you go at your own speed.

Do you take all your own photos?

Yes, I do – occasionally I’ll get help from someone in the family, but all the images are homemade, just like the food.

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