Why don’t I have ads?

imagesI’ll admit, I was tempted. So much so that I even signed up for adsense and was given the green light for a trial – but I’ve not gone any further. Why? Well, I’m a marketing prof and I spend my day teaching people about advertising and its effects and how marketing can warp our sense of the world. “We need this” or “we need that” is just not something I want to be a part of. I love knowledge and I love it more when it’s high quality and free. So, hopefully, by keeping this site Ad Free, I’ll not let people feel they NEED to buy anything.

This is not to say I won’t monetize in any other ways, but let me assure you, I don’t plan to use Google Ads or any other Ads to make money from this blog.


5 responses to “Why don’t I have ads?

    • Really? I don’t see it – at any rate, any ads on here are put on by the webhost, not be me – I make no money from any of the ads that they put on and I have no control over them.

  1. I should also stop to mention two things:

    1. Thanks a lot for this recently discovered blog. As an Indian food obsessive I appreciate it very much.

    2. I also strongly appreciate not having ads. Although I block them in any case, it’s nice to know you’re not trying to sell me something or influence me for marketing purposes. Thanks,

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