5,000 views in 9 days!

Well, seems like people like photos and curry and photos of curry – I never thought this blog would go anywhere, but to have 5k views in less than 10 days is pretty sensational – thank you all! However, as a statistician, I am wary about the longevity of such data – it always reminds me of Disco Stu’s quote:

“Did you know that disco record sales were up 400% for the year ending 1976? If these trends continue… AAY!”


Thank you and hope you’re enjoying ekantcookcurry.com!


8 responses to “5,000 views in 9 days!

  1. I like your dishes because I find them accessible. Maybe I’m lucky but I can find all the ingredients within a couple of minutes walk of my place. I made your Chana Masala last week and your Murgh Makhani two days ago. I arrived home tonight to find my apartment still smells like an Indian restaurant, and I am very happy about that.

  2. Just made your malai kofta and it was delicious. I’m going to have to try your vindaloo later this week. I really appreciate having the pictures alongside the instructions. I did find myself scrolling back and forth between the ingredient list and my current cooking step. Any chance you could implement something like http://jqueryfordesigners.com/fixed-floating-elements/ so that the ingredient list is always nearby?

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